Entertaining: Fall Inspired Charcuterie Board

Entertaining Fall Inspired Charcuterie Board

Fall is a beautiful time of year in Florida. It is signaled when humid summer mornings and afternoon thunderstorms turn into crisp mornings and mild sunny afternoons. The fall and winter months in Florida are why people love to live here. With cooler temperatures and the holidays looming, there seems to be no better season for coming together with friends and family. Whether you’re hosting a football gathering or a holiday get-together, food is always front and center. Entertaining well is an art, one which I continue to grow in. One of my favorite ways to set the tone and welcome guests is to have a charcuterie board ready and waiting upon their arrival.

I stacked these beautiful wooden boards with a selection of reasonably priced items all found at Trader Joe’s. Below is my seasonally inspired charcuterie board for entertaining guests this fall!

  • Brown sugar & chili pumpkins seeds – perfect finger food for fall, adding a personalized homemade touch to the charcuterie board
  • Olives
  • Dried apricots & prunes – a great alternative to fresh fruit and helps to fill in space on the board
  • Honey sesame nuts – my favorite honey sweetened nuts help to balance the savory flavors
  • Creamy Toscano Cheese dusted with cinnamon – cinnamon is THE epitome of flavor during fall
  • Cave Aged Blue Cheese: aged for 75 days deep in the caves of Minnesota, this is a complex premium cheese for $6.99 that will blow your guests away
  • Truffle & traditional salami – fully of half sliced coins of meat are the cornerstone of the charcuterie board. To make the meat last, cut extra thin slices.
  • Mustard – smear mustard artfully onto the board with a texture and color effect that’s both beautiful and functional
  • Baguette slices

Add a few tiny pumpkins for festive decoration.


The boards were gifted to me from Potterybarn and Terrain, similar boards can be found at any home goods store.

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Spicy Seafood Chowder

Spicy Seafood Chowder Soup Recipe 2 2

I came up with this Spicy Seafood Soup after screwing up a veggie chowder recipe I was working on, inspired by summertime produce. Man am I glad I did too.

I used the holy soup trinity of celery/onion/thyme to start. The vegetables sizzle in bacon grease and butter. Potatoes and water are added and then cooked down to create a starchy, bursting-with-flavor soup base. Then we add our seasonal ingredients: summer fresh zucchini and corn.

In my house we are always stacked with seafood. Locally caught salmon, shrimp, and scallops are just a defrost away. In this recipe I used Key West Pink Shrimp, but use whatever is local to your area. The scallops are also caught locally and are a true treat- tender and flavored by all of the ingredients used in the soup.

I blend 2 1/2 cups of the vegetables to create a thick broth without thickening ingredients like flour or cornstarch.

This recipe took about 4 weeks to perfect after its inception, and it’s one of my most favorites recipes I’ve done (blog or otherwise). Hope you love it.


“I came up with this Spicy Seafood Soup after screwing up a veggie chowder recipe.”




Shredded Rotisserie Chicken Enchiladas

01 Shredded Rotisserie Chicken Enchiladas

There’s a lot of pressure to make every meal from scratch, especially when people know I have a food blog. The truth is- every meal isn’t always made from scratch. And it’s OK.

That’s why I love (love, love love) my chicken enchilada recipe which uses store-bought, precooked organic rotisserie chicken which I transform into a shredded masterpiece drenched in enchilada sauce. I mix the succulent chicken with corn, poblano peppers, green chilies and a mess of delicious ingredients into a mixture that is wrapped in tortillas, covered in cheese, and cooked to form a super delicious enchilada dinner (plus leftovers). My special touch: microgreens on top for beauty and a kick of greens. You can’t go wrong with this recipe.

NOT cooking from scratch can taste really, really good!


“My special touch: microgreens on top for beauty and a kick of greens.”




Raspberry Balsamic Glazed Lamb Chops

Raspberry Balsamic Glazed Lamb Chops Recipe 05 2

Raspberry balsamic glazed lamb chops. Say what?!

This recipe came to me while coming up with a new ribs recipes to make for the blog. I wanted to incorporate a smokey raspberry BBQ sauce onto tender baby backs- but Whole Foods was out of ribs! So, I brought home some lamb chops, decided on a raspberry balsamic glaze and added traditional mint into the glaze for a subtle nod to a traditional lamb and mint jelly meal.

But this is not traditional. It’s better!

The raspberry balsamic glaze is not overwhelming or powerful in taste. The sweetness of the raspberries is mellowed by the balsamic and mint. After the seasoned chops are seared on the stove-top, the glaze protects the chops from drying out and acts as a caramelized seal as the lamb chops roast to perfection. This is the season the get creative in the kitchen and enjoy the abundance of berry produce. Using raspberries to make an glaze for lamb chops is one of the highlights of my blog so far.

Serve with your favorite side and a side salad and you’re all set!

Best idea ever? I’ll look to your feedback for confirmation 😉



“After the seasoned chops are seared on the stove-top, the glaze protects the chops from drying out and acts as a caramelized seal as the lamb chops roast to perfection.”



Brioche French Toast with Strawberry Maple Sauce

04 Brioche Bread French Toast Spring Strawberry Maple Sauce Recipe E1462108243276

…aaaaaand I’m back!

As some of you may know, last month I became happily engaged to my boyfriend of almost 6 years! Yay! Without hesitation I’ve jumped straight into wedding planning mode. Some updates: we are going to be married next spring near my parents home in the Greater Philadelphia area in an outdoors ceremony amongst our closest friends and family, surrounded by trees and spring blossoms. My goal is to not bridezilla out or blow our budget, both of which are fairly attainable ideals. My personality and style is very less-is-more and non-traditional. Which is not to be confused with a simple style, as I enjoy beautiful esthetics and good quality errrything! I’m also a perfectionist-boss-lady, a trait that should serve me well in the planning process. Wish me luck! And if you are a wedding vendor in the area- please reach out as I’d love to connect.

With the wedding planning, hobby time normally spent as a dedicated blogger has shifted into time spent as a dedicated planner. I have a taken a step back from the blog—but not away. I’ll continue to post quality recipes and pictures, without the quantity. Quality > Quantity = I will keep my sanity.

There is so much pressure in blogging to post on social media daily, to constantly tell a story, and to create posts at break-neck speed. With these pressures to “keep up” I have found it hard to stay inspired and true to why I began blogging in the first place. In juggling a full time career, being involved in the community, having a wedding, and simply living life- I am lovingly reprioritizing Seasonally Jane. That means the blog will not be a place of competition with empty uninspired posts. Instead it’ll be a space to creatively explore cooking with seasonal ingredients, improve my food styling, experiment with photography, and an exciting connection to the online world.

I hope you will continue to follow and enjoy the journey as I will continue to do!

And now, onto important things: a spring fresh Brioche French Toast with Strawberry Maple Sauce recipe that warms and satisfies even the weariest of souls. Dust off those wintery bones and enjoy a warm strawberry maple sauce over soft, spiced brioche French toast.

Enjoy my friends!

xo, Amanda Jane



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